Q: What’s best, aluminum or steel gutters?
A: We only do the steel pre-painted gutters as they are a superior strength and have a Galvalume finish that is warranted not to rust through for 20 years. The disadvantage of aluminum is that it is a softer metal and is more susceptible to damage and denting.

Q: Should I repair or replace my gutters?
A: Re-attaching, re-pitching (Re-pitching can only be done to K-Style gutters since it is flat on the back of the gutter) or resealing can often repair existing gutters. However, once gutters show signs of rusting through, the only long-term solution is to replace them. Once rusting has started you cannot repair leaks.

Q: What is drip flashing/edge metal?
A: Drip flashing is a separate piece of metal that goes up and under the shingles and down into the back of the gutter. It helps prevent leaking between the gutter and fascia board. This is only used if installing K-Style gutters.

Q: What is the best way of attaching the gutters?
A: We have found that spikes and ferruels are the most dependable way of attaching the gutters to the eves. We place them every 2 to 4 ft. on center (lining up with the rafter tails).

Q: Are all the gutters continuous without any seams?
A: The longest run can be 60 to 80 feet, beyond that we have to splice them in order to allow for the expansion and contractions of materials